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Vintage SOMSO Anatomical Model CROSS-SECTION HUMAN HEAD - West Germany Excellent


Vintage SOMSO Anatomical Model Human STOMACH - West Germany, Original, Excellent


Vintage SOMSO Anatomical Model Brain MEDULLA - West Germany, Original, Excellent


somso anatomic models


Nephron Model Somso Kidney nephron model


somso neuron and axon (vintage) 


NEW & Never Used Somso Disarticulated Human Rib Bone Set


Somso Anitomical Model Medical Anatomy Education Teaching Wall Hanging


SOMSO - QS3/2 Artificial Skull of Child Anatomical Model, 2 part (QS 3/2)


SOMSO Small Torso of Young Man with Head Anatomical Vintage Germany Eames Era


SOMSO 14-Piece Model of the Human Skull QS8/3 Anatomical Anatomy Colored


SOMSO Human Artificial Skull


Brain Model With Arteries BS23 Somso Anatomical Model


Somso AS15/E Torso of Young Man with Head Anatomical Model


Vintage Somso Human Heart Scientific Anatomical Model Anatomy


NEW & Never Used Somso Disarticulated Human Hand Bone Set


somso Full Size Torso


SOMSO AS21 Male Torso with Head - Natural size Anatomical Model


SOMSO Brain with Arteries Anatomical Model - Natural cast BS23 - BS 23


Vintage SOMSO Anatomical Model Molar Tooth w/Caries - West Germany


Somso urinary system Model LS3 Anatomical Model


Somso DS3 Ear - 3 Parts Anatomical Model Anatomy


RARE Somso AS6 Muscular Torso Anatomical Model - Incomplete


Somso LARYNX Model GS7 GS 7 Anatomical Model


Vintage Antique SOMSO Plaster JS8 Liver and Gall Bladder Anatomical Model JS 8


Somso Change of Nuclear Phases in the Maturation of Sperm and Ovum Meiosis Model


Vintage Somso BS23-1 Brain Model With Arteries - 9 Parts Anatomical Model


Vintage SOMSO Anatomical Model HUMAN HEART - West Germany, Original, Excellent


SOMSO AS20 Small Torso Of Young Man With Head - 1/3 Natural Size - 9 Parts


Vintage SOMSO Anatomical Medical Model HUMAN KIDNEY - West Germany, Excellent


SOMSO ZOS107 Paramecium Anatomical Model (ZOS 107)


Vintage Somso Tapeworm Anatomical Model ZoS 116/3 Model-Board of the Tape-Worm


3 Vintage Anatomical Somso Models Lancelet ZOS 59/k 59/L 59/N All for one price


SOMSO HS1 Giant Human Heart Anatomical Model - 3 parts (HS 1)


SOMSO Male Torso with Head and Open Back AS23/1 Anatomical Model AS 23/1


Antique Somso Paper Mache Plaster Kidneys Urinary Organs System Anatomical Model


SOMSO Artificial Human Skull QS 7 Medical Dental School Grade Anatomical Model


somso anatomic model 1/3 Size Torso


Vintage SOMSO AS40 Female Torso with Head Art Anatomical Model


SOMSO BS35 Model Of A Synapse Anatomical Model (BS 35)


Somso MS12 Series Showing Pregnancy Development Models Set of 8 Anatomical Model


SOMSO AS4 Torso Model with Head and Interchangeable Male and Female Genitalia