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Quality meets Timing
Whether you're a business owner completing a build-out or a general contractor working from the ground up, every project requires a well thought out strategy and timeline before implementation. Did you know not having a good timeline in place could actually cost you? 

For example, if cabling is installed before other critical trades, cabling may have to be relocated and reinstalled or worse, damaged.  Proper job scheduling and coordination with experienced contractors can eliminate damage to installed products and maintain a smooth, productive workflow for your teams.

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Did You Know?

[Photo fiber optic cables]

Come Rain or Shine
Fiber optics perform in all weather
Since fiber optic cabling uses light to transmit data communications within strands of glass, all Dielectric Fiber Optic Cabling is immune to the effects caused by severe weather conditions such as lightning strikes, which are inherent to copper cabling.  Lightning can cause damage to the data infrastructure and its operational servers.  Another benefit of fiber optic cabling is its infinite bandwidth.
Getting Up Close and Personal
Recently, Electrical Tech Services visited the home of Corning Fiber Optics Systems in Hickory, North Carolina.  At Electrical Tech Services, we have a commitment to our clients to provide the very best in installation and the products we represent. 

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To uphold our proprietary 5-point quality standard, ETS personally visits product facilities and evaluates everything first-hand to ensure our products are at the quality level we expect so we can pass that on to our customers. 

How many cabling contractors actually care enough about quality to visit the actual factories? At ETS, we do… and you should too!  We are proud to say that Corning Fiber Optic Systems meets our approval, and we are happy to pass on this same quality and history of engineering.
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Going Ape
Did you know Corning is also the maker of Gorilla® Glass? If you don't know what Gorilla® Glass is yet, you will soon enough. ETS predicts it will eventually replace all glass products found in construction, cars, reading glasses and more.  It's beneficial because of its scratch-resistance and shatter-proof quality. Look for the Corning name when you need quality glass and fiber optic engineering.

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