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ETS Certified
What does it mean to be ETS Certified? Here at Electrical Tech, it means providing the best service and quality installation that will save you and your company from future headaches. 

5 Points of ETS Certified Installation
1) Cabling supports are properly installed to avoid degrading performance over the life of the cabling system. 
2) Cabling is properly dressed and combed to Electrical Tech standards, to assist owners with troubleshooting, maintenance and management of the system over its building life-cycle. 
3)  System is identified, labeled and record drawings clearly communicate and are accurate. 
4)  Cabling system is properly grounded to industry standards to protect other critical information systems.
5)  The Structured Cabling System's (SCS) performance exceeds all relevant global cabling system standards, including TIA Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6A as well as ISO 11801 Class D, Class E and Class EA.

To uphold our proprietary 5-point quality standard, ETS personally visits product facilities and evaluates everything first-hand to ensure our products are at the quality level we expect so we can pass that on to our customers.
The History of Cabling
Some may believe cabling is a fairly recent technology; however, it's been around longer than one might realize. More than 150 years ago, Samuel F.B. Morse sent the first telegraph transmission 37 miles from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland. Although we've come a long way from that first piece of communication, the principles of cabling still remain the same today.

[Photo: Morse code telegraph machine.]

Just as Morse code uses dots and dashes to transmit a signal, today's cabling technology uses 1's and 0's. The only difference is that while Morse code could send 2 to 3 dots and dashes per second, today's technology can transmit up to 100 Giga bits (GB) every second. Impressive, especially when it's noted that a GB is equal to 1,000,000,000 separate 1's and 0's. This technology is often found in network infrastructures utilizing fiber optic cabling.

[Photo: Fiber optic/modern conference room using today's technology]

Building from a solid past and staying ahead of the curve is important for today's future. Give us a call to help set your next project into action.
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Did You Know?

[Photo Samuel F.B. Morse - portrait]

A Labor of Love
Morse Code Invented Due to Death of Wife
Samuel Morse, a painter and artist by nature, originally had no intention of becoming an inventor. While out of town and in the middle of a commissioned painting, he received a letter via horse messenger informing him his wife had fallen ill. The message took so long to reach him, by the time he returned, his wife had already passed. He then dedicated the rest of his life to achieving better means of communication, and it was then the Morse Code telegraph was invented.

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